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Discover the story behind our success! As a small team with big ideas, we’ve achieved great results. Explore our history to learn about our mission and how it shapes our work today.

our legacy

Year 2009 - Idea was brought into life

In its initial days, Svastrino embarked on its journey with a group of 20 students, reaching out to families through personalised home visits in and around the vibrant city of Mumbai. It was a humble beginning that paved the way for the remarkable consultancy it has now become

Year 2010 - Got the license and registration

Since obtaining its PAN India license, Svastrino has had the privilege of counseling over 350 students from all corners of the country

Year 2011 - Svastrino gained its 1st media attention and began its philanthropic journey

We were delighted to partner with three orphanages, extending career guidance to more than 400 students. This effort resulted in us providing personalised career mentoring and counseling services to a total of 1,020 students. It was a fulfilling experience that allowed us to make a positive impact on the community we serve. Suley, a prominent media outlet, recognized us in May 2011 as the youngest rising star in the field, and we were thrilled to receive such encouraging feedback

Year 2012 - Entered Corporate Servicing

Svastrino proudly partnered with four top-tier schools in Mumbai, offering yearly career counseling to their students. Our expert team guided over 1,800 students, empowering them to discover their interests and strengths, and chart a successful career. It was a privilege to be a part of their journey and help shape their future.

Year 2013 - Svastrino made significant strides towards conducting seminars and workshops

We were thrilled to have counseled 3,050 students by this time and were proud to have delivered over 150 career-oriented sessions

Year 2014 - Svastrino extended its services to a state-level social cause in Gujarat

Our founder, Mr. Rohit Gala, made headlines in six newspapers (Kutch Uday, Kutch Mitra, Aaj Kal, Kutch Bhaskar, Sandesh, and Kutch Seva) for providing education kits to over 3,000 underprivileged students across 12 schools in the Rapar Taluka region. This was a proud moment for us, and we remain committed to serving the community in any way we can. In addition, we also had the privilege of counseling over 4,100 students and delivering more than 560 career workshops and seminars

Year 2015 - We achieved another remarkable feat in corporate service

“We teamed up with more than 18 educational institutions and organized over 1,150 informative and engaging career workshops and seminars.
We had the pleasure of counseling over 4,900 bright students like you, helping them navigate through the ever-evolving career landscape. It was a rewarding experience for us”

Year 2016 - Svastrino was recognized and featured three times in The Economic Times

We had the honor of being featured not once, not twice, but thrice in The Economic Times, a testament to our unwavering commitment to guiding students towards their dream careers. Our partnership continued to flourish, expanding to 23 educational institutions, where we conducted more than 2,100 interactive seminars and workshops, and provided personalised career mentoring and counseling to over 5,800 students. As the only career counselor to achieve this feat, we take great pride in our efforts to empower the youth. Additionally, we have been asking ourselves how we can further enhance the Mentoring for the Career Development of our students and have been exploring innovative ways to achieve this. We remain dedicated to helping students achieve their career aspirations and are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead

Year 2017 - Developed International Servicing in Middle East and Africa

We forged partnerships with 29 esteemed educational institutions and delivered an impressive 2,900+ career seminars and workshops while providing personalised counseling to over 6,900 students. Our efforts were recognized by Khabar Patrika, and we were thrilled to receive their acknowledgment of our dedication to empowering students. With the advent of technology, we also started providing online career guidance to clients from the Middle East and African continent, making our services more accessible to a wider audience. We are proud to have expanded our reach beyond borders and look forward to serving students worldwide

Year 2018 - We opened our second office

We took another step towards enhancing our services by opening our second office in Khar (W). Our partnership continued to grow, reaching 32 educational institutions, where we conducted an impressive 3450+ career seminars and workshops, and provided personalised career mentoring and counseling to over 8,100 students. In addition, we developed our very first career workshop and trained 10 students through it, giving them valuable insights and futuristic career guidance on pursuing their desired career paths

Year 2019 - Increase in corporate servicing

The following year, we continued our upward trajectory by expanding our partnerships to 35 esteemed educational institutions across India. We conducted an outstanding 4,050+ seminars and workshops while guiding over 9,200 students through personalised counseling sessions. We remain committed to our mission of empowering students and helping them in evolving the most unique career plan

Year 2020 - Launched the Breakthrough Career Workshop

Our team was thrilled to offer top-notch guidance to students ready to blaze a trail in their dream careers. We also built partnerships with 35 amazing educational institutions across India, and provided valuable insights through seminars, workshops, and counseling sessions to over 9,300 ambitious students and parents! Despite the pandemic, we successfully launched the Breakthrough Career Workshop and trained 50 brilliant students in our inaugural year. Though numbers were lower than expected, our team was ecstatic to continue empowering students to reach their full potential in the years to come

Year 2021 - A record-breaking number of counseling sessions and seminars!

We were proud to offer a record-breaking number of counseling sessions and engaging seminars throughout the year. We also continued our partnerships with 32 outstanding institutions across India, offering exciting and informative workshops to over 5,100 eager students. Plus, we provided over 10,600 helpful counseling sessions to students and parents alike, helping to chart a course toward academic and professional success

Year 2022 - Initiated Operations in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

We continued to expand our reach by building partnerships with 34 esteemed educational institutes throughout India. We also had the privilege of providing over 11,000 counseling sessions to passionate students, leaving a positive impact on countless lives. Our mission to empower students to reach their career aspirations is at the heart of everything we do, and we’re delighted to continue this work with enthusiasm and dedication

Person behind Svastrino

Rohit M. Gala

Meet Rohit Gala – A dedicated educationist and career counselor who understands the struggle of finding the right career path without proper guidance. Just like many of us, Rohit had a tough time navigating the daunting task of choosing a career path, but he didn’t let his experience go to waste. His mission is to ensure that no student has to go through the same struggle that he did.

With a passion for ensuring no student goes through the same struggle, Rohit has devoted himself to offering personalised career mentoring programs that identify the unique needs and aspirations of each student. He has gained a deep understanding of different career options through extensive research, connecting with industry professionals such as professors, corporates, entrepreneurs, and consultants.

Rohit has obtained a Diploma in Counseling Psychology and a Master’s in Sociology to become a licensed career and education counselor in India. Within just four years, he established a personalised career mentoring program across India, becoming one of the few licensed career counselors in the country.

Rohit’s focus is on evolving the most unique career plan for each student, identifying their career needs, and offering futuristic career guidance to avoid last-moment career confusion. He continues to upskill himself to provide the best possible mentoring for career development, as evidenced by his recent completion of a Diploma in Introduction to Psychology from Yale University, achieving a remarkable score of 97.05%.

Rohit’s ultimate vision is to help students across the globe find their true calling and achieve their dreams. He is constantly expanding his network and knowledge base to offer cutting-edge career guidance and support. With his dedication and expertise, Rohit aims to transform the way students approach career planning and empower them to create a fulfilling and successful future.”

Our effective mentoring is rooted in our detailed, personal, and strong ideology

Media Recognition

We are pleased to guide our progress through various media recognitions we have got over the years!

Our Team

Rohit Gala

Founder & Chief Counselor
14+ years

Miloni Gala

Administrative Manager
8+ years

Divya Shah

6+ years

Ajay Bradwaj

2+ years

Vanshika Parmar

Content Writer
3+ years

Savinder Kumar

SEO Strategist
16+ years

Pooja Gindra

Legal Consultant
3+ years

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