Model Session

Quick and engaging 15-minute session to help you chart your path towards a fulfilling career
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Choose this Session if you need…

  • Assistance in identifying career needs
  • Professional verification of your career decision and gain a second opinion for career plan
  • A glimpse of our detailed mentoring processes and approach
  • Mentoring programs based on your unique personality and preferences
  • Help in finding the perfect program to meet your future needs
  • An informed decision before investing in a long-term process.

Session Journey

Getting to know your concerns

  • Conducting a one-on-one conversation to identify career needs
  • Asking relevant questions to uncover the root of the problem
  • Creating a safe and supportive environment for you to express your concerns

Verifying your Background

  • Reviewing your academic and personal background
  • Understanding your current situation and challenges
  • Identifying any potential obstacles or opportunities

Resolving your immediate queries

  • Receiving quick and effective solutions to your immediate queries
  • Offering guidance on specific career-related issues
  • Addressing any doubts or confusions you may have

Exploring programs for your future needs

  • Evaluating your strengths, interests, and goals to suggest suitable programs
  • Recommending a personality-based mentoring program that aligns with your career aspirations
  • Providing information on the programs’ structure, curriculum, and outcomes

Total Program Duration: 15-20 Minutes

Benefits of the program

  • Discover your perfect career fit with a quick evaluation
  • Explore a wide range of career options from 8th grade to Post-graduation
  • Get the best understanding of the educational application process
  • Resolve your last-moment career confusions quickly
  • Personalised career mentoring program tailored to your unique strengths and interests
  • Gain the confidence and clarity needed to thrive in your future endeavors
  • Online session done from the comfort of your home

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Our Glories

Initially when we started our process, I was worried that it was going to be really complicated and very stressful. But what made it so much easier and seamless was Svastrino and their immaculate support to us. As much as I am grateful for them to help us with our process, I am also extremely thankful for their support and guidance to us throughout the entire process and after. I can say with complete confidence that choosing with Svastrino Consultancy for our process was the best decision that we made.

Falguni Patil

As a parent it was good knowledge for me with their vast experience. This will help me in taking joint decision with my son.

Manasi Jaguste

Shlok's mother

Having experienced a session myself conducted by Rohit Sir, I can happily say that the experience is no short of spectacular and eye opening. Sir is absolutely professional and always on point, yet very kind and someone who will help you get the best out of you. All worth it. Big thumbs up to Rohit Sir and his team!”

Heet Sardhara

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Model Session?

A Model Session is a quick and informative meeting aimed at helping you discover your ideal career path. In this session, you will gain valuable insight into our personalized mentoring approach, identify your unique career needs, and receive expert solutions to any immediate career queries. It’s a perfect way to get a glimpse of what our personalized mentoring program can do for you!

2. How long does a Model Session last?

Our minimum session time is 15 minutes, but we’re happy to extend that up to 30 minutes to make sure we address all your queries and concerns.

3. Would my career queries be resolved in the Model Session?

Our Model Session is specifically designed to help you with quick solutions to your career queries. We provide a systematic approach to understanding your career needs and guiding you towards finding the best-suited mentoring program. While we strive to provide immediate solutions to your queries within the session time frame, some queries may require a more personalized approach, which can be addressed through our detailed mentoring programs that offer a deeper understanding of your career concerns.

4. What else can I expect in the Model Session?

In addition to identifying your career needs, we will also guide you towards the most suitable processes from our programs. You can expect a clear understanding of your progress journey, developments, and expected achievements with each process you opt for.