Our Services

Bull's Eye Program

Get a Quick yet Accurate Solution for your ‘Career Confusion


  • Intense 2-hour session with our career expert
  • Discover futuristic careers guidance that suit your interests
  • Formation of a Unique Career Plan
  • Resolve last-moment career confusion

Bloom Program

Cultivate a Visionary Mindset and Set Goals for a Bright Future


  • Personalised Program of 2 Months (3 sessions of 2 hrs each)
  • Identifying your career needs
  • Self-developing tasks to enhance your skills
  • Regular follow-ups between sessions to keep you on track
  • A well formulated career Plan for the next five years

Breakthrough Program

Master the Art of Self-Discipline to Become an Enterprising Leader

  • Personalised Career Mentoring Program of 2 Years (10 sessions with 1200+ minutes of personal development)
  • Total support from verification to the application of the career plan
  • Process to Carve Future Leaders
  • An action-oriented procedure that is thoroughly validated
  • Secret success mantras to overcome career obstacles
  • Global perspective to identify opportunities and expand your horizons
  • Evolving most unique career plan to build a rare portfolio and stand out from the rest
  • Nurturing a positive and winning mindset

Still not sure which online program to choose? Try our Model Session Process and Get a sneak peek into our approach and make an informed career decision.

Model Session Process

Quick 15-minute online session, designed to help you navigate your career path

  • Identifying your actual career needs
  • Gaining an overview of our Personalised Mentoring Process
  • Finding the best mentoring program that suits your needs
  • Receive solutions to queries that can be resolved immediately

Our effective mentoring is rooted in our detailed, personal, and strong ideology