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04/10/2023Harvard University launches 2 certificate courses in SQL & Cybersecurity from the edX site for people to get a good grip of technology
04/10/2023Renewable industry creates 9.8 lakh jobs in India just in 2022 with hydropower being the top employer followe by solar photovoltaic
04/10/2023Jr & Sr research fellowship students of PhD will receive an Increased stipend of 20% to their current rates- Education Ministry
03/10/2023Global PhD aspirants from the Maharastrian Minority quota in the top 200 Unis as per the QS ranking are bound to get scholarships to study abroad if they get an Unconditional offer letter.
02/10/2023Students in the UK find it difficult to meet their living expenses due to rising rents and inflation
01/10/2023Deepak Narayan Nayak from W Bengal& Hari Krishna Patacharu from A Pradesh made it top 50 list of Global Teacher Prize organized by UNESCO
25/09/2023India's Nauni University from HP to present its Low Cost Natural Farming Techniques at a 15 day 'Planyt Protection in Agroecology' event in France
24/09/2023Want to make a career in Cybersecurity? Great news as Stanford Uni is offering a free courses on their website for all the techies, Apply Now.
23/09/2023Around 75 % of Engineering students in India unemployable
23/09/2023As Canada is restricting Visas to Indian Students, US, UK, AUS & EU may get favoured for further admits & academic progressions
22/09/2023Enrollments of Indiand students abroad jumps by 240% from the year 2019 intake
22/09/2023Bhartiya Shiksha Board of Ramdevji Maharaj is planning to inculcate the study of Brain Development, Child Development and Learner Centered Pedagogy with the Guru Shishya Parampara of the Gurukul System
22/09/2023Students planning for Spring academic intake in Canada nay face issues in getting Visa approvals due to the political tension between Canada & India
21/09/2023Bhartiya Shiksha Board has a unique approach to replace Macaulay's minute of education implemented on India in 1835 by a blend of Ancient Indian Knowledge with Modern Scientific Knowledge and E Learning
20/09/2023Bhartiya Shiksha Board- a New Education Board of India, founded by Patanjali Founder Ramdev Maharaj gets PAN India education license from AICTE & AIU.
20/09/2023Students can not get BTech & MBA degree in 5 years following a new collaborative course launch by IIM Visakhaatanam, NIT Warangal & IIITDM Kurnool.
16/09/2023In academic year 2023 a total of 11.1 lakh students took JEE & CUET-UG , while 20.3 lakh students took NEET- UG.
16/09/2023Entrance Exams dates:
JEE Mains to be conducted from 3rd week of January 2024,
CUET- UG from 1st week of May,
and Medical- UG on May 5th 2024.
15/09/2023Symbiosis strikes a deal with Deakin uni Australia to provide integrated Masters in Liberal Arts & Dual degree in Business Analytics to do the final semester in Deakin's Australian campus.
15/09/2023Scientists from India, China, Malaysia & USA won 33rd Noble prize award for using dead spiders as an example to grip tools in mechanical engineering.
13/09/2023Students can now take a retest of 1 skill in computer based IELTS tests across all computer delivered test centers across India. These students will also receive a 2nd Test Report Form and students could select if they want to use the old or new TRF for the skill they retook.
13/09/2023Swiss Students create the fastest electric vehicle that can accelerate 0-100 in just 0.956 seconds.
13/09/2023Data Sci & Analytics jobs are seeing highest demands in India followed by BFSI in FY 2023.
13/09/2023Afghan students whose student visas are expired will not be forced to leave India as Afghanistan is taken over by Taliban and their scholarships will be discussed will be discussed with the Ministry of External Affairs- 'Kumar Tuhin' Director General of Indian Council of Cultural Relations.
13/09/2023Students of BTech or Bac of Science course in IIT-B will have to study AI & Data Science as compulsory subjects in their 1st sem of 2nd year.
12/09/2023Google in Looking for interns in its CS programs in Banglore and Hyderabad. Application deadlines ends by 1st Oct., 2023 for internships starting Jan., 2024 with 22-24 weeks duration and stipend of 80K+ per month.
11/09/2023Canada Education: Alberta, Saskatchewan & Quebec receives high student application due to low fees and stay costs.
11/09/202315 lakh higher education teachers to be trained by 111 Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Centers in a 2 weeks long course to develop ethics & human values by UGC as per NEP 2020.
10/09/2023Want to do a self paced management course to impact better at tour work place? IIM A has launched online courses in HRM, Digital Transformation & Leadership.
09/09/2023BITS Hyderabad setting up India's largest wind tunnel for aerospace research which will help India to be at the forefront of space tech research globally.
09/09/2023Deloitte- Over 85% students studying internationally are unhappy with their current jobs.
08/09/2023World Economic Forum predicts healthcare & AI among the top sectors to sustain significant expansion in the coming years.
08/09/2023Union Home Ministry approves 10% Medical seats to be reserved for students who have studied in govt school from std 1 to 12th.
08/09/2023St. Augustine of Kolkata lost its CISCE affiliation due to violation of norms and due to which over 350 class 10th and 12th students wouldn't be able to register for their final exams.
08/09/2023IIT Mandi professor Devika Sethi says Humanities and Social Science are integral of Engineering courses as these students are taught to focus on solutions where as Humanities will allow the same students to appreciate the complexities of world around us and within us.
08/09/2023Cognizant fires 20K employees despite 4k+ profit in its quarterly earnings.
08/09/2023Ahmedabad is turning into the new startup hub with the help of government initiatives.
08/09/2023Creds founder Kunal Shah feels AI will leave 90 % of people jobless in just 10 years.
07/09/2023Finance Professionals seem to not opt for MBA but for CFA, FRM, CCAP, MFM, PGDCA courses to get the right career start.
07/09/2023Edtech sector sees a 48% rise in receiving funding in 2023 due to the future growth aspect of the online space.
07/09/2023Supreme Court: DEIEd (Dip in Elementary Education) to replace BEd for teachers who want to teach Primary school students. Whereas NEP 2020 proposes the Integrated Teachers Education Program for comprehensive teacher training.
07/09/2023For the first time in a decade IIM's see over 40 % students from BCom and BA faculty.
06/09/2023Satyam Kumar cracked JEE at 13 with 670 rank, then did a PhD from University of Texas and is working with Apple as a Machine Learning Intern.
06/09/2023Khitij Sodani, Paras Kasmalkar, Sheray Ray & Sushil Raaja won medals at International Olympiads for informatics.
05/09/2023OP Jindal University to offer Scholarships to 2000 students in 2024 to celebrate its 15th anniversary.
05/09/2023Over 1,383 people are being laid off each day in 2023 till date.
04/09/2023Global WildCat Scholarship of $5,500 to $22,000 per year is being offered by Uni of Arizona for their UG courses.
03/09/2023Indian IT giants are shifting base from Bengaluru to 26 tier 2 cities across India to look for better infra and facility to support their existence.
02/09/2023Nandani Agarwal the lightning girl who complete her 10th by 13 year, 12th by 15 and CA by 19 and also received a Guiness World Record. certificate for the same
02/09/2023UGC restricts Universities to print Aadhar Numbers on Provisional Certificates & Degrees offered to students after their course completion.
02/09/2023Gen Z are the most difficult to manage as they lack focus & social skills- The Wall Street Journal.
02/09/2023France to offer scholarships worth INR 15 Crore to Indian Students each year and is targeting to attract 30K students each year from India by 2030.
02/09/2023France Ranks 2nd in Global University Employability Ranking with 75 of Indian Students opting for Management courses and 12.5% for Engineering, and 80 % students going for Masters Programs
02/09/2023India the Laptop Production hub of the world. Dell, Hp and others planning to create 75,000 jobs.
02/09/2023Deakin & Wollongong Universities from AUS to be the 1st ones to set up International Branch Campuses at Gift City in Gandhinagar. Deakin to provide Masters in Cyber Security and Business Analytics and UoW plans to offer Graduate certificate Computing and a Masters of Computing in Finance. Both Plans to have their First intake in June 2024.
02/09/2023Total of 75 teachers selected for getting a merit certificate, a Rs. 50K prize and a Silver medal on Teachers day from President Droupadi Murmu
01/09/2023Get a scholarship for studying in the USA with these lesser known resources:
- Pathway Scholarship- Offered by the Full Sail University for students who want to study Entertainment, Media & Tech
- Kent StateUniversity Global Scholarship- For students who want to study UG in any field
- The Gates Scholarship- For global aspirants of STEM programs
- The Fullbright Nehru Master's Fellowships
- Tata Scholarship at Cornell
01/09/2023None of the students wants free medical seats offered by SMSIMSR college of karnataka due to the condition of working with the institution for 5 years after the course.
01/09/2023ED arrests 4 people for scamming people for Rs. 200 Crore scholarship from Himachal Pradesh
01/09/2023Vijay Kumar a Math teacher in Kangra, HP will receive National Award from Droupadi Murmu.
31/08/2023Australia will scrap Pandemic Visas from Feb., 2024 for International Students and Temporary Workers. This visa gave an extension of 12 months to such persons whose visas expired.
31/08/2023700+ Students deported from Canada in 2022 after they were found having fake college offer letters
30/08/2023Indian Pharma & Medical Tech is getting INR 5k Crore for further research and development.
30/08/2023Every CBSE student will need 75% attendance to appear for board from 2024 exams.
30/08/2023International students planning to study in Australia will have to show AUD24,500 in order to show financial stability. This is a surge of 17% then the previous threshold.
28/08/2023Adaptability & creativity, Communication Skills, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Cultural Understanding, Being up with technology
Considered top Skills for students to become successful.
27/08/2023Tripti Tyagi a teacher of a school in UP asked a student to slap a Muslim Student. School remains closed for the 3rd day after this incident
26/08/2023BITS Pilani initiated a new PhD program that would only admit people aspiring start ups after the course.
25/08/2023Select universities with the 'Trusted University' Tag only to select them for your further education in Canada.
25/08/2023DAVV, Indore receives a an unusual admission of a 57 year old engineer who aspires to start his own business
25/08/2023NMC has ordered all Private Medical Colleges to pay Stipend to trainees as per the act or they will have to face action
25/08/2023Professors of GandhiGram Rural Institute considered as Worlds most Influential Scientists for 4th Year
25/08/2023Australia closes Dual- Study Visa for foreign students that gave students to enrol for vocational courses
25/08/2023New curriculam in CBSE to be based on Vedic Philosophical System of Nyaya, Vaisesika, Sankhya, Yoga, Mimamsa, Vedanta, Buddhist, Jaina and Lokayata to guide the right foundation for right development of Kids
24/08/2023Top qualities that show you are growing as a person:
- Being Responsible
- Apologising and meaning it
- Appreciating Good & Bad times
- Managing &undersatnding Emotions
- Being Independent
- Possessing Self Control
- Qualities matter to you
- You verify before judging
23/08/2023Call by the Student Body Meeting to reinstate Sabyasachi Das in Ashoka University
23/08/2023Board Exams to happen 2 timesa year to allow students to secure their best scores
23/08/2023Physics Wallah optimistic to open 60 new centers by 2024
23/08/2023Amazon launches 3rd edition of Free Machine Learning course for 4 weeks in September to be offered to any Engineering students. This course will train students in Supervised Learning, Deep Neural Networks, Probabilistic Graphic Module. Dimensionality Reduction, and Unsupervised Learning. A total of 3000 students will be offered seats in this futuristic course
23/08/2023Elon Musk's 5 keys to Entrepreneurial Success:
- Chase Societal Impact, Not Just Profit
- Be the Ripple of Positivity
- Drive Ideas & Concepts from the Books
- Interact & Learn
- Master Personal Knowledge"
22/08/2023Startups better then MBA for learning skills to start your own company
22/08/2023For the 1st time ever USA offers 1 year Masters in Wireless Technology, AI & Cyber Security for Indian Students specifically
22/08/2023Lovely Professional University (LPU) receives heighest NAAC grade A++
22/08/2023Physics Wallah tech enabled offline center PW Vidyapeeth in Jammu, announces 200 Cr Shhlorship
22/08/2023Teachers of Ashoka University calling for a strike over Academic Freedom
21/08/2023After 15 years of Agri daily wage working Krushnachandra Atake will pursue his dream to be a Doctor by studying MBBS in Kalahandi Medical college
21/08/2023TATA group finds Maya Tata to take up responsibilities after Mr. Ratan Tata, and Ratan tata is himself training her for all future endeavours
20/08/2023Tilak Mehta Indias Youngest Entrepreneur now has a yearly Turnover of over 100 Cr
18/08/2023IIT Kharagpur announces free online course on Google Cloud Computing
18/08/2023B.Ed. degree holders plan protests as Supreme Court declares them unfit for Primary School Jobs
18/08/2023Center aims to have at least 1 medical college in each district of the country: Union Minister V. K. Singh
18/08/2023Andhra Pradesh Higher Edu Dept signs pact with EdX for offering online courses
18/08/2023IIT Madras invites Applications for 2 year AI fellowship with Stipend of 40K per month
18/08/2023Nearly 60% of Byju's Tuition Centers have requested Refunds in the last 2 years
17/08/2023Having the 'Growth Mindset' is the most important skill as per Goldman Sachs Executive
17/08/2023Wipro becomes the Global Software Giant after multiple ventures since its start in 1945
17/08/2023Bill Gates will be like a great high school teacher who always gives's useful feedbacks
17/08/2023Karan Sangwan a prof at Unacademy sacked as he asked students to vote for educated candidates and not those who who only know changing names
16/08/2023UGC sets up panel to develop model syllabus for courses in Study of Manuscriptology and Paloegraphy.
16/08/2023China on the verge of biggest economic crises when 1/5th of their youth population is out of jobs.
16/08/2023GATE exams will now cover Data Science and AI syllabus in its exams happening from 2024. A total of 30 subjects will be tested in the GATE exams
15/08/2023Indian- American Economist Raj Chetty gets Top Harvard University 'George Ledlie' Prize for his study on who achieves the american dream and the obstacles faced by others.
15/08/2023Young Entrepreneur from India named Misbah Ashraf to be listed into forbes 30 under 30 list for creating a successful Startup 'Jar' that is valued at 2463 Crore in just 1 year from its start
14/08/2023Karnataka will replace NEP with State Education Policy in all its Higher Studies formats from next academic year.
11/08/2023Steve Jobs would test Potential Employees through a 'Beer Test', that justifies if he could trust them for sharing and discussing important ideas and if he would want that prospect to be in his informal circle.
11/08/2023Google Launches Free beginner oriented training course 'Google Analytics 4' course to help businesses in optimising their performance
10/08/2023CBI finds School Job Scammer Kuntal Ghosh who received Rs 5 Lakh from 4 teachers to get jobs
10/08/2023New research parks set up in 3 IIT's and 5 more in progress in IIT's and IISc's
10/08/2023Numerous students opt for studying abroad but many have to come back due to scarse jobs in the developed nations
09/08/2023France to offer 5 year Schengen visa to Indian Alumni under new education program
08/08/2023NExT exams to be made compulsary for BDS grads to get license to practice & to enter PG courses
07/08/2023Ministry of Education budget Soarsby 8.5% to Rs. 1,12,899crore in FY 23-24 with NEP applications
07/08/2023Krishi Darshan an Indian agri informative show has aired 16,700 episodes since its inception on Doordarshan on 26th Jan., 1967
07/08/2023Suicides in IIT continues to rise. This time its IIT Hyderabad
06/08/2023Jamsetji Tata considered worlds Biggest Philanthropist of the world till date after adjusting Donations with assets and Inflations
03/08/2023Viyak Lohani, IIT & IIM graduate chose create India's Largest Free Residential School
03/08/202313 lakh+ students choose to study overseas and heighest went to Canada
03/08/2023Ordering Educaton: UGC declares list of 20 fake university that were providing education across India.
02/08/2023Best Books to understand Human Psychology:
- Dark Psychology Secrets and Manipulations
- The Elephant in the Brain
- Games People Play
- The Art of Reading Minds
- Emotions Revealed
- Social Engineering
02/08/2023Majority of top level employees prefer working from home as per McKinsey's survey of 13k office workers in 6 countries.
01/08/2023Indian Graduates are exibiting heighest employabillity in AI roles globally
01/08/2023Physics Wallah Launches a 4 year residential programme for CS and AI students through its PWInstitute of Innovation
29/07/20233 years to the National Educational Policy 2020's Achievements:
- Revamped academic curriculum,
- International collaboration between institutes
- Great focus and achievements on Edtech learning
- Education is started to be provided in Local languages
29/07/20231 out of 4 countries in the world has already banned smartphone usage for students below 15 years of age
29/07/2023UNESCO calls for BAN on smartphone usage in schools globally due to ill effects on student life, which is happening due to exceeding minimum usgae of any technological device.
28/07/2023Get placed in Google with these tips: Amazing Coding, Know in trend technology, Data Structures and Algos, Communication, Awareness on Google's catelogue.
28/07/2023After 6 suicides in IIT's just in 2023, preventive steps are being taken so as to reduce the burden of studies and to save lifes
28/07/2023IIM Bengaluru is offering Free 32 courses to help candidates upskill as per the industry standards.
28/07/2023IIT Kharagpur launches MBBS course and a seperate BTech and MTech dual degree course in line with the NEP 2020
28/07/2023Julie Sweet CEO of Accenture is ready to hire additional 10K employees to its current 300K workers in its Indian offices in AI and data practice and is planning to invest $3 billion in 3 years for further services
28/07/2023Boost India: India expected to become the 3rd largest Economy in the world by FY28. Maharashtra and UP will both break $500 billion mark
27/07/2023IIT- Delhi launched multiple entry & exit courses with regards to the NEP 2020. Bachelors. Masters & PhD all courses to be a part of this new initiative
27/07/2023Education Ministry to Parliment: IIT's, IIM's, AIIM's & NIIT's have seen over 7,800 drop outs from SC/ST/OBC and other minority classes in just 5 years.
26/07/2023Meet Avani Davde a young and dynamic entrepreneur who is known to lead brands like Starbucks and Nature's Basket
26/07/2023Want your kids to learn Life Long Lessons? Guide them through these books:
The Little Prince- By Antoine de Saint, Bill's New Forck- By Anne Fine, The Lorax- By Dr. Suess, The Invisible Boy- By Trudy Ludwig, Elmer- By David Mckee.
25/07/2023Empathy, Active Listening and Team work considered top soft skills for employees.
25/07/2023New- Age Gaming, may lead to addiction, loss of focus, weak eyesight, stress and Anxiety in the students life and mind
24/07/2023NMC: NEET PG counselings for all rounds to happen online
24/07/2023Punjab government signs Mou with British Council to start English Language courses in Punjab Colleges
24/07/2023Office spaces experience Triple Peak work days as employees are moving out of basic 9-5 routine to manage work life balance.
24/07/2023World Bank- India's Economy (GDP) is expected to grow by 6.1% but jobs aren't seeing the same speed of growth.
22/07/2023GOI to launch Skill India Passport (Passport + Certificate of skill training) for various professionals through the Ministry of Skill Development and its 30 training Centers.
21/07/2023As NEP 2020 advocates usage of local language for imparting education, CBSE will impart education from Pre-Primary to class 12th in ecah states home language
21/07/2023Indian's working generation is studying Psychology to undersatnd their life and make a better decision for their personal and professional future
21/07/2023Fortune 500's are anticipating growth and are seeking Cross-Cultural Competence & Multilingualism to hire fresh management graduates from top B schools globally.
21/07/2023Top 10 global cities for students studying overseas: London, Tokyo, Seoul, Melbourne, Munich, Paris, Sydney, Berlin, Zurich, and Boston.
21/07/2023Like Bhutan's Gross Happiness Index, Australia launches 'Wellbeing Dashboard' that will check health, Security, Sustainability, Cohersive and Prosperousness of its citizens
20/07/2023Indian Economy about to see a change in its overall facility base with industry giants laying off employees & slowing their hiring process
20/07/2023Nolan Church in an interview with CNBC- To all the aspirants for best jobs in your industry: Remove 'Brick Text' from your resume and add Context to attract the attention of the recruiters
20/07/2023Google receives over 2 million applications each year and 'Forbes' says its easier to get a spot in Harvard then in Google
20/07/2023Google pays 5.90 crore to its software engineers, and a median salary of 2.30 crore in indian conversions- Business Insider
19/07/2023Indian IT engineering workers at high risk to loose jobs in 2 years with same skills
19/07/2023IMA demanded all medical colleges to hire teachers with a PG degree to teach students for their UG courses
19/07/2023Planning studies in Canada, look for these 5 sectors that has immense job opps: Medical & Para Medical, Business Management, Hospitality & Tourism, Social Work, Engineering & IT
18/07/2023IIT Madras launches first ever blended Medical Degree that has attracted 6,000 application for 30 seats under the NEP 2020. The batch will start from 31st July, 2023.
18/07/2023Indian Students bagged 3 Gold & 2 Silver at International Physics Olympiad held in Tokyo, Japan from 10th to 17th July, 2023
16/07/2023Good Deeds- SMSIMR a private college in Karnataka has decided to provide free MBBS education & had appealed to the state government for the same.
18/07/2023GUVI an IIT-Madras & IIM-Ahmedabad startup backed by 'Skill India' is providing free online courses to train Indian youth on futuristic technologies like Artificial Intelligence
17/07/2023UK govt regulating PG courses with poor Employment Prospects & High Drop out ratio to have a better educational output in the UK
16/07/2023Parents & Students demand Common Entrance Test for a 5 year combo course at various IIM's. Decision awaited
15/07/2023The decision to replace NEET and CUET with NExT is not quite welcomed in the Conference held by Common School System- Tamil Nadu
14/07/2023PM Narendra Modi announced Indian Masters Students in France to receive 5 years Post Study Visa
13/07/2023Australia announces 3000 Indian to get 8 years work visa through their METS Visa Programs each year
11/07/2023IIT Zanzibar in Tanzania (1st offshore campus of IIT Madras) is welcoming Indian students to their BSc & M Tech courses in Data Science & AI
09/07/2023Approximately, 7,50,000 students flew overseas for their UG or PG educations just in 2022
09/07/2023Ireland, Canada & Germany top as the preferred destinations in 2022 for students planning to study abroad
17/03/20233 ‘secret strengths’ to make introverted kids highly successful adults
16/03/2023Suicide rate rising in Top Institutes like IIT, IIM and NIT
12/03/2023Best 8 habits to become a mentally strong women
16/03/2023Top habits that make you a good listener
17/03/2023Indian Entrepreneurs get a great boost to enter Canada
17/03/2023IIT Kanpur announced the results of GATE, check the results
18/03/202310 book of RK Narayan for better mindset of Kids
14/03/2023Ukraine is open for MBBS education again, check the options here
05/03/20235 career changing books to improve your personal growth
10/03/2023Most important skills to make children's Achievers
12/03/2023See why IAS Pari Bishnoi lived like a monk to become a successful IAS officer
12/03/2023Find if you have raised an emotionally intelligent child or not
12/03/2023Avoid these 10 mistakes while choosing right career path for your kids
13/03/20237 Powerful Habits of Every Entrepreneur, know them now
09/03/2023Women Executives are redefining leaderships
24/03/2022Learn the important life skills to raise successful children
07/03/2023How bad decisions make good leaders
07/03/2023Bridging Neurobiology and Artificial Intelligence
08/03/2023Know how 7 kids of India become next-generation business tycoons
05/03/2023Australia is relaxing its rules to allow Indians to move for study and work in their boundary
06/03/2023ChatGPT is changing careers. Check which jobs will stay and which wont
01/03/2023Check, Promising steps to start your business
03/03/2023Ways to save your child from Peer Pressure
02/03/2023Kanpur Education ministry launches Coaching by IIT and IISc faculty
03/03/2023IIT to UPSC- IAS Kanishak Kataria moved out of the Rat Race
03/03/2023These Universities accept NEET UG scores for admits
23/02/2023See how Mahabharata teach us how to manage Artificial Intelligence
24/02/2023Did you know the best 5 Proven Tools for Developing Strong Relationships as an Entrepreneur
05/03/2023Are you acquiring poverty? Check the list of things Buffet guides that only poor acquire
03/03/2023Find the new CA course by ICAI starting May 23
02/03/2023UK India Young Professionals Scheme for nationwide job- Check now
27/02/2023CA, CS firms & professionals should find a new course find why
28/02/2023See why India Inc may be recruiting more women for better gender diversity
26/02/2023Learning a new skill is always difficult, but can be done in this way
26/02/2023Know how Salil Parekh CEO of Infosys reached the top
27/02/2023Shift in Employees attitude to find stability in jobs
27/02/20236 areas to focus on to learn from failed businesses
25/02/2023Don't work from home says- Infosys founder Narayana Murthy to young employees
23/02/2023AIIMS with IITs and IIMs announced to provide students with exposure to the world of management
28/02/2023India on Global Education index- Gets 2 Australian varsity to stet up campases in Gujarat
25/02/2023Anjali Sud- Another Indian Leader leading Vimeo Video platform
24/02/2023Universities need to change their teachings- Oxford University
15/02/2023How can you maintain good grades when studying abroad
21/02/2023How Can a Data Science degree fetch you?
23/02/2023India can tackle big problems, favored by Bill Gates
21/02/2023Tips to make your personality unique in the corporate world
24/02/2023How much should one spend to study Liberal Arts..
20/02/20234 right questions and you can get the happiness of life- Steve Jobs
18/02/2023Know how to boost memory and grow brain cells through simple food
03/02/2023Know the scores that can help you secure admission in IITs
22/02/2023Five ways to make your application for Abroad Study stand out
14/02/2023It is recommended to pursue Under Graduation internationally, know why
06/02/2023Know the seven necessary tips to train your Subconcious Mind for Success
16/02/2023Find, which European countries provide Free Education to Indian students
12/02/2023ISRO announces free online certificate courses for aspiring students
12/02/2023ChatGPT's CEO shares tips not to be done by start ups
10/02/2023Most BTechs from IIT Bombay receive much smaller packages, check why is that happening..
11/02/2023IIT's get a new way to teach students Overall Management over just coveted branches of technology
11/02/2023Check why UK is the most preferred Study Abroad option for Indians
10/02/2023Know-how of 2 of the best global MBA institutions- INSEAD and London School of Business
07/02/2023Natasha Perianayagam named world's brightest student for the 2nd year by Johns Hopkins
06/02/2023Another Leader Gifted to the USA- Apsara Iyer to lead Harvard Law Review
03/02/2023Want to be a Global Leader, get these five soft skills guided by Fobes
04/02/2023How Vipassana Helps this CEO balance his work life in the best way
02/02/2023Achieve Smartness like Top Leaders & Entrepreneurs
03/02/2023Why are top JEE rankers focusing more on IIT Hyderabad & Indore over Bombay & Madras?
02/02/2023Top Skills of the future work world by Forbes
30/01/2023Find how India's CEO's are growing their compensations each year
29/01/2023Find India's shining star
28/01/20233 steps of success by the investment guru- Warren Buffet. Check them now..
26/01/2023Crack IIT entrance with great tips from Tanishka Kabra
25/01/2023Did you know some students can directly give the JEE Advance exams, Check if you are eligible..
25/01/2023Uk's new Immigration plan to get only quality students, check it now.
25/01/2023Are IIT's really worth the effort??
23/01/2023Companies are seeking not to hire young talent from IIT's and IIM's. Check why..
19/01/2023Scholarships offered by Tata Family
18/01/2023Live in UK until 2 years after education without a job
15/05/2021Get education Sponsorship from Delhi govt if you hvae lost your parents due to covid
09/05/2021No Exams for any indian students in May 2021
15/05/202112th CBSE/ ICSE Students plea SC to cancel exams. Decision pending- 2021.
15/05/2021No SAT scores needed for admits in University of California
16/05/2021Want to become an Engineer at google
17/05/2021Extinction of Data Science
21/05/2021US loosing its Study Abroad Popularity
05/08/2022Step to verify before travelling overseas for study.
08/08/2022Unusual entry into the top Management Institution of India.
11/08/2022Every CBSE student will need 75% attendance to appear for boarde from 2024 exams