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Ace the art of self-discipline and evolve into an enterprising leader
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  • Identify your career needs, strengths, and challenges through a comprehensive analysis
  • Get Mentoring for Career
  • Development and to align your vision with your life
  • Experiment with different career options to find the best pathway
  • Explore untapped opportunities based on your personal development
  • Find a personal mentor who will train and check on your progress regularly
  • Focus on getting the best of knowledge to develop the best of product
  • Always focus on solving a global problem
  • Develop striking self & people management skills most useful in every situation
  • Develop a mindset of a solution seeker
  • Quit the rat race and walk on a path leading to riches of life
  • Focus the rest of your life to create product/ services useful for people globally
  • Inculcate the core ideology of the Success Mantra
  • Pursue work that you are passionate about for the rest of your life
  • Evolve into a charismatic leader, professional, or artist of your unique kind

Program Journey

We’ve split the Breakthrough program into two stages for optimal results – Planning for the first 3 months and Application from the 4th month until the end of the program. Check out the details and assured developments of each stage below!

Stage – 1: Mindset Building

00 to 60 Days

Life & Background Study

  • Personality, qualities, attitudes, and background verification
  • Self-introspection and realization through personalized questions
    Identifying problem areas
  • Gain clarity on the laws of nature and how to align them with your life

Day 1

Tailored Tasks for Self-Discovery

Tailored tasks to help you get focused, balanced, and aligned with your hidden potential and personality

Day 2 to 20

Developing a Leader’s Mindset

  • Gain inspiration from the journey of various leaders
  • Connect your developed personality to that of the most unique leader
  • Discover your life’s purpose and align it with your way of living

Day 21

Crafting the Right Environment for Budding Leaders

  • Creating the perfect conditions for leadership growth
  • Surrounding you with inspiring ideas, people and patterns of life to help you succeed
  • Visualizing the transformative impact of these changes

Day 22 to 45

Aligning Career Plan with Purpose of Life

  • Molding your leader mindset to fit your vision
  • Mapping out the steps that will bring you closer to your dream career
  • Infusing elements of success that are only known to the rarest of leaders
  • A unique career plan that promises to evolve you into a true leader
  • Creating a 5-year career plan with 5 unique areas of development
  • Thorough verification and application of the career plan
  • A personalized career mentoring program that helps you focus your daily efforts towards achieving your goals

Day 46 to 60

Stage – 2: Attitude Building

3rd to 24th Month

Encouraging You to Take Action

  • Opening your mind to the idea of attempting and exploring
  • Supporting you continiously through the personalised career mentoring program
  • Nourishing you with the right guidance to help you grow naturally
  • Pushing you to focus and work on quality only

Empowering You to Embrace Results

  • Providing you with guidance to experience and learn from your results
  • Helping you accept the outcomes and evolve through them
  • Encouraging you to comfortably move on to the next level of growth and development

Consistent Mentoring and Guidance

  • Regularly checking your progress along your personalised career mentoring program
  • Anticipating and mentoring you through any potential obstacles or challenges
  • Empowering you to take ownership of your vision and plan accordingly
  • Building a habit of resilience and growth through mentorship

Self-Validation and Accountability

  • Teaching you how to test and evaluate yourself with an open mindset
  • Guiding you to create checkpoints for self-reflection and validation
  • Mentoring you to embrace constructive feedback through planned evaluations
  • Mentoring to help you find and solve global problems

Guiding Your Progress

  • Working together to create a blueprint or prototype for your development
  • Encouraging you to seek external feedback and use it to become the best version of yourself
  • Breaking your vision into smaller daily tasks and aligning your goals with your daily life
  • Gradually building your knowledge and skills while encompassing your career goals
  • Creating momentum to help you achieve a top speed

Allowing the First Solo Flight

  • Recognizing the persistent effort and milestones you have achieved
  • Activating top speed with ease through regular practice
  • Taking the first solo flight
  • Gain mentoring for career development to execute the steps practiced before
  • Achieving stability and gaining height for the perfect flight
  • Ensuring a soft and comfortable landing for your successful journey.

Total Program Duartion: 2 Years
Session Inclusions: 10 session of 2 hours each
Total Minutes: 1200+

Benefits of the program

  • Transform into a self-aware, focused, and disciplined leader
  • Develop a charismatic, energetic, and vibrant personality
  • Learn the secret success mantra and cultivate a purposeful and holistic vision for your life
  • Gain exposure to the futuristic career opportunities, global economy, and education that align with your goals
  • Receive consistent Mentoring for Career Development
  • Receive a personalised and detailed 5-year career plan that positions you as the most valuable individual in your field
  • Developing a strong self sustaining process the world has never visualised
  • Creating new records and milestones at a very young age
  • Online sessions done from the comfort of your home

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Our Glories

Svastrino & surely Mr. Rohit Gala have been a source of my kids’ inspiration, guidance and support through his career counselling – right from my first visit to Svastrino Consultancy in the year 2015. He has been a driving force in shaping my kids’ career path in the field of their interests. I would like to thank Mr. Rohit Gala for his invaluable counselling with immense patience and an ever smiling face.

Iqbal Warsi father of Zahra and Zeba

Brother of Actor Arshad Warsi

I would definitely recommend Svastrino to anyone who needs any kind of career guidance or career advice. The career counsellor, Mr. Rohit Gala helped me understand myself and find the career which would be a perfect fit for me. He also helped me find my vision and goal for my career and also gave me a step by step guide on how to pursue that career path. Not only that, he also ensured that there would follow up consistently throughout the 2 years program to make sure that I am on the right track in my career path. Thanks to Svastrino, I have finally found the right career for myself, and would recommend it to anyone who needs any kind of guidance in their career.

Manasi Aithal,

BALLB National Law University, Jodhpur

I still remember the day we had our 1st session with Rohit sir 3 years back. Like everyone else, we were totally confused about our son’s career aspirations . Rohit sir’s detailed analysis in every field helped us figure out our child’s true interests & capacity. He is truly an experienced , knowledgeable and yet, an approachable individual. Even today our son considers Rohit sir his ONE POINT CONTACT whenever in dilemma.

We would surely & always recommend SVASTRINO to everyone who needs guidance in career and life.

Shameka Chitnis Mother of Aryan

A+ levels Singhania International School, Thane

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Breakthrough program?
It is a very systematically devised program that is divided into two important stages- planning and application stage. These stages will not only help you decide on the best career options but will also provide you with personalized career mentoring throughout the program. We keep track of your regular progress, using it as a learning tool for future sessions. Finally, the right set of thoughts, ideas, attitude, and results are generated that are very essential to transform you into a future leader.
2. How do I know I need this program?
It’s simple just check the “choose this program if” section on the Breakthrough Program page and it will be easy for you to connect and understand why you should opt for this service.
3. Why is this program so long?

Just like an Alphonso mango tree takes time to grow and bear fruits, the Breakthrough Program is a comprehensive mentoring program that takes time to develop and bear the fruits of success. The program is designed to help individuals not only make an informed career decision but also develop the skills and mindset of a future leader.

The first stage of the program is the planning stage, which is like planting a mango tree. This stage involves identifying your strengths, weaknesses, interests, and goals. Just like how the tree needs the right soil, water, and sunlight to grow, you need the right guidance, mentorship, and resources to develop your potential. The planning stage ensures that you have a clear direction and roadmap for your career journey.

The second stage is the application stage, which is like nurturing and taking care of the mango tree. This stage involves putting the plan into action, gaining practical experience, and developing the required skills and knowledge. Just like how the tree needs proper care and attention to bear fruits, you need to consistently work on your goals, learn from your experiences, and build your professional profile. The application stage helps you build a strong foundation and prepare for a successful career.

The program ensures that you have ample time to evolve into an entrepreneurial personality, with the right set of thoughts, ideas, attitude, and results that are essential for long-term success. The investment of time is worth it, and the program prepares you for a fulfilling and successful future just like how the mango tree provides fruits for a lifetime.

4. What is the mode through which this program is conducted?
We are working remotely so the whole session would be conducted Online only.
5. How will I manage this program along with my academics and other commitments?
We understand that you may have a lot on your plate already. That’s why we make sure to work around your existing schedule to ensure you can manage this program along with your academics and other commitments. Our program is designed to help you prioritise your tasks and commitments, so you can lead a better and more balanced life. Our mentors will work with you to create a schedule that works best for you, while still making sure you complete the program successfully. You won’t have to do anything extra, just follow a better schedule that will enhance your everyday living.
6. What if I just want counseling sessions and don’t want to indulge in activities outside it?
We strongly believe that to make informed, long-term career decisions, it’s important to gain practical experience and explore various options beyond just counseling. The lessons, activities, and exercises we offer are designed to help you grow personally and academically, while also gaining a better understanding of yourself and the world around you. However, if you’re set on just receiving counseling, this program may not be the best fit for you. We recommend checking out our Bull’s Eye Program, which focuses specifically on quick and accurate career counseling.
7. Will the career plan be given at the beginning or the end of the program?
Your career plan is not a fixed formula that can be given to you at the beginning or end of the program. Rather, it’s a personalized roadmap that is developed based on a thorough understanding of your goals, strengths, and aspirations. During the program, we work closely with you to gather all the necessary information and insights that will help us create a tailored career plan that fits your unique needs. Typically, this process takes around three months, during which we will be constantly in touch with you, discussing your progress, and refining your plan as needed.
8. What are the 5 unique ways of developing a profile?
At our program, we believe in developing a well-rounded profile that showcases your strengths in different areas. Through our interactions with educationists and global leaders, we’ve identified five key areas of development: academics, professional skills, experience, extracurriculars, and social work. Throughout the program, we will guide you in each of these areas, helping you to grow and evolve under our mentorship. By the end, you’ll have a unique and impressive profile that sets you apart.
9. What is vision development?
Vision development is a process where we assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. Through this process, we help you create a vivid and inspiring picture of what you want your life to look like in the next few years. By doing so, you’ll gain clarity on which career decisions align with your goals and aspirations. Our goal is to guide you through this personal journey and help you make informed decisions about your future.
10. What kind of tasks are given as a part of the program journey?
Tasks given as a part of our program journey are designed to give you a holistic experience and help you develop as an individual. These tasks may vary from making phone calls to distant relatives and sometimes joining a leadership camp or going on a trek or a solo trip. We may also encourage you to participate in social work or join an NGO to develop a better society. These tasks are tailored to your individual needs and are meant to help you discover your true potential and develop qualities such as confidence, self-trust, and discipline. By completing these tasks, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the direction you want to take in your career and personal life.
11. What if I fail at the tasks given?
It’s perfectly okay to stumble and fall because that’s how we learn and grow. Our ideology encourages you to embrace failure as an opportunity to grow and learn. Don’t worry if you fail at any of the tasks given to you. Instead, focus on the valuable lessons you can gain from the experience. We encourage you to reflect on what went wrong and work on those challenging areas to improve your skills and abilities. The tasks are designed to help you grow and develop essential skills, and failure is simply an opportunity for growth.
12. What if I need more time for the activities assigned?
We understand that sometimes unexpected events can arise, and we are willing to provide extensions as long as they are reasonable and support your progress. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll work together to find a solution that works for you.
13. What will be the medium used for follow-ups?
We usually follow up with a phone or video calls, depending on your preference and schedule.
14. Will I get a record of my progress? How do I track it?
Keeping track of your progress is an important aspect of our program. We’ll provide regular updates to both you and your parents throughout the journey.
15. How many career options will be guided after the development in the process?
The Bloom Program aims to help you discover the one perfect career option that aligns with your strengths and interests. You will have the opportunity to experiment with multiple ideas and options during the course of the program.
16. What if I don't have a decision even by the end of the session?
Although our counselors rarely ever hear of this concern, in such cases, we would recommend you opt for a repeat of the same program with us since there is still confusion.
17. Why am I only allowed to book a 2-hour session when it is a 2-year program?
We understand your concern about the limited duration of each session. However, please note that this is a comprehensive 2-year program that requires consistency and regularity to achieve the desired results. We have designed a system of recurring sessions that will happen based on your progress and completion of tasks. Your mentor will coordinate with you to schedule the next session at a mutually convenient time. Once you complete the tasks associated with the previous session.