Ceramic and Glass Design

About the Course

Do you fall in love with the way designs are put on various ceramic wares? Do you wonder how some floor designs are made? Would you like to have a career in this industry?

If Yes, You should surely look at this career.

About the Field

Ceramics designers (a.k.a. ceramicists) work with clay, porcelain, bone china and stoneware to design and create pottery items, sculptures, homeware (i.e. tiles and flooring), tableware and cookware. These artists don’t just make these pieces, however; they also glaze, paint and decorate the finished products. Ceramic and Glass designing course is a combination of creativity, science as well as technology. … As for the career scope, a degree in Ceramics and Glass Design provides various opportunities in Engineering, Housing/Real estate and Construction, Industrial Manufacturing and Medical fields.

Top Qualities

– Time management and the ability to work to deadlines
– Excellent communication skills
– Organisational ability
– Attention to detail
– Patience
– Photography, computer software and design skills
– A good understanding of health and safety issues

Top Jobs & Careers

– Ceramist
– Ceramics Engineer
– Glass Engineer and Technician

Career Ladder

10th Any Board (Elementary Intermediate Drawing exams) > 12th Any Stream > Bachelors of Ceramic and Glass Design

Top Courses

– Bachelors in Ceramic and Glass Design
– Masters in Ceramic and Glass Design

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