About the Course

Do you like studying about Space? Are you fascinated to study the universe and all the celestial bodies in it? Are you keeping up with all the latest discoveries happening in space?

If Yes, Astronomy is your career.

About the Field

Astronomy, science that encompasses the study of all extraterrestrial objects and phenomena. Until the invention of the telescope and the discovery of the laws of motion and gravity in the 17th century, astronomy was primarily concerned with noting and predicting the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets, originally for calendrical and astrological purposes and later for navigational uses and scientific interest. The catalog of objects now studied is much broader and includes, in order of increasing distance, the solar system, the stars that make up the Milky Way Galaxy, and other, more distant galaxies. With the advent of scientific space probes, Earth also has come to be studied as one of the planets, though its more-detailed investigation remains the domain of the Earth sciences.

Top Qualities

– Critical thinking,
– Continuous learning
– Complex problem solving
– Data Interpretation
– High research capacity

Top Jobs & Careers

– Astrophysicist
– Research Consultant
– Research Scientist
– Scientist
– Astronomer
– Professor
– Planetarium director
– Climatologist
– Astronomer

Career Ladder

10th Any Board > 12th Science (Biology and Math) > BSc Astronomy

Top Courses

– B.Sc in Astrophysics – 3 year full-time course
– B.Sc in Astronomy – 3 year full-time course
– B.Tech in relevant Engineering
– M.Sc Astronomy
– M.Tech (Astronomy and Space Engineering)

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