About the Course

Do you like to study history? Would you like to study the remains of the past and excavate ways to get information about history, civilizations, societies and behaviours from the artifacts?

If Yes, You should surely consider studying Archaeology for your career.

About the Field

Archaeology is the study on history who gains expertise through experience with historical documents and artifacts. An archeologist can assist not only in identifying potential dig locations and the resulting excavations but also in interpreting any artifacts discovered during excavation. They, then, use this information in concert with existing knowledge and historical data to make discoveries about the artifact’s time period.

Top Qualities

– Excellent research skills.
– A good knowledge of and interest in history.
– The ability to work methodically.
– Planning/ project management skills.
– The ability to analyse artefacts and information.
– A flexible approach.
– Photography skills.

Top Jobs & Careers

– Archaeologist.
– Historic buildings inspector/conservation officer.
– Museum/gallery curator.
– Heritage manager.
– Lecturer.
– Documentation Specialist.
– Museum education officer.

Career Ladder

10th Any Board > 12th Science (Biology and Math) > BSc Archeologist

Top Courses

– MA in Archaeology.
– MA in Ancient Indian History and Archaeology.
– Master of Science in Archaeology.
– Master of Philosophy in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology.
– Post-Graduate Diploma in Archaeology.
– Doctor of Philosophy in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology.

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