Computer Science Engineering

About the Course

Do you like to spend time on computers? Are you easily able to do tasks on a computer that others find difficult? Do you like coding and have you tried your hand on various coding languages? DO you also like to understand and repair the hardware of the computers by yourself?

If Yes, You are looking at the most demanded career option for yourself.

About the Field

Computer Science includes the study of algorithms and data structures, computer and network design, modeling data and information processes, and artificial intelligence. Computer science draws some of its foundations from mathematics and engineering and therefore incorporates techniques from areas such as queueing theory, probability and statistics, and electronic circuit design. Computer science also makes heavy use of hypothesis testing and experimentation during the conceptualization, design, measurement, and refinement of new algorithms, information structures, and computer architectures.

Top Qualities

– Communication skills
– Creativity
– Hardware Experience
– Problem Solving Skills
– Teamwork
– Mathematics Skills
– Patience
– Learning strategies

Top Jobs & Careers

– Big Data Engineer
– Machine Learning Engineer
– Data Scientist
– Data Analyst
– Blockchain Developer/Engineer
– Software Developer
– Computer Network Architect
– Computer Systems Analyst
– Mobile Application Developer

Career Ladder

– 10th Any Board > 12th Science (Math) > Btech/ BE Computer Science Engineering
– 10th Any Board > Diploma in Computer Science Engineering > B Tech / BE Computer Science Engineering

Top Courses

– Diploma in CSE
– Btech / BE in CSE
– Mtech / ME in CSE
– Certificate courses in Java Script, Swift, Scala, Go, Python, ELM, Ruby, C#

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